Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Welcome Rosie and Stuart Larner

I'm delighted to welcome Rosie and Stuart Larner onto my blog today.  Together they write under the pen name of Rosy Stewart.  They have just released their novel, Hope; Stories from a Refuge.

Rosie is a retired social worker and lecturer in Health and Social Care.  She was co-leader of a West Yorkshire Drama Workshop that welcomed participants of all ages and abilities.  She has directed and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and writes prose, poetry and plays. 

Stuart is a chartered psychologist, and worked in the National Health Service, and was mental health expert in XL for Men magazine.  He writes plays, including The Dilemma Advice Show, What Matters is What Floats, poetry and stores. 

Hope tells the stories of diverse individuals and their triumph in the face of adversity, and is  told through the eyes of Sue Barlow, the manager of a women's refuge.  Sue has learnt through experience that conventional support systems and policing are not always enough to prevent a tragedy. 

Following a brutal attack on one of her recent residents, Sue joins forces with Jade, a young police sergeant, and Nine a reclusive Russian I.T. expert to track down the abusers. 

Hope: Stories from a Women's Refuge is available to purchase from Amazon

Stuart's previous novels includes the novel Guile and Spin, a compelling and unforgettable story of cricket.  He has also written a Young Adult epic poem, Jack Daw and the Cat, and The Car, a sonnet sequence with illustrations, describing the human condition in terms of the mechanical components of a motor car. 

More information about Rosie and Stuart and their novels can be found by visiting their websites:

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 Guile and Spin:

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