Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Desert Empire Writers Showcase

Bob’s Big Boy, Calimesa, hosted The Desert Empire Writers Showcase book signing event Saturday the 14th. Nine book authors from California’s Inland Empire offered their books and donated prizes for the drawings, which began at 4:15pm.

Brenda Hill, author of With Full Malice, about a deadly vigilante society in Yucaipa, organized the event and offered her hardback and mass-market paperback at a large discount.

Local authors as well as those from The California Writers Club talked to the public and answered questions about writing and workshops, including:

Brenda Hill: With Full Malice: about a deadly vigilante society in the Inland Empire.
Samuel Thomas Nichols: The Seventh Stage - about the aftermath of the murder of a rancher's wife and daughter.
Joyce Melton: Blue Moonon the third Thursday of each month, the Devil grants wishes and causes havoc.
Barbara Reed: Harmonic Deception: Does a tragic childhood excuse murder?
Sue Andrews: To Live and Love Again about how the author survived several murder attempts near-death experiences.
David Strack: Letters Over the Wallabout the lives of four East Germans behind the Iron Curtain.
Debby Johnson: Rock. Paper. Scissors -  about a new kid in school who’s rejected by the other kids.
Cathie Norton: The Tale of the TreesA young woman’s journey through grief to resolution.

For information about future events in the Inland Empire, check Brenda Hill’s site:

 Joyce Melton, Barbara Reed, Cathie Norton, Debby Johnson, David Strack, Sue Andrews, Samuel Thomas Nichols, and Carolyn Jernigan.

For questions about future events and/or writing workshops, go to 

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