Friday, 25 April 2014

Stationery Fetish

Do all writers have a stationery fetish that rivals a squirrel storing nuts for winter?

Or is it just me?

I love it. Notebooks, fountain pens, gel pens, multi-coloured post-it-notes. I can’t live without them for they are the tools of my trade.

I get dizzy when September comes around and all the ‘Back to School’ sales start up even though I have no children and left school back when chalk and slates were the only writing implements available to a child.

Black, blue, pink, green covered in silk or with a cute puppy on the cover, handmade paper, or machine produced, I can’t resist them. It doesn’t matter if they are expensive or that I have plenty of blank notebooks already, I will buy them all.

As a small child I would, immersing myself in distant worlds, stories old and new. So it came as no surprise that as an adult I filled notebooks with write stories of my own.

Organising my thoughts and ideas in a notebook is easier, and doesn’t run the risk of being hacked or snooped on by some nameless agency or teenager determined to crash my computer.

A quick look in the cupboard reveals that I currently have nine notebooks in varying sizes, and that’s not counting the two that contain the notes for the manuscript I’m working on.

Oh dear! I wonder if there’s a therapy group I can join. ‘Hello my name is… and I love stationery.’

If you have a photo of a notebook or pen you love you'd like to share, send me a note via the contact page on my website, and I'll post it in a follow up article.

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